Friday, June 13, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Since finding out that we'll be moving to Japan, we've been talking a lot about ninjas around here.  William is really excited to get there and begin setting "ninja traps" and looking for their hideouts.  I'm pretty sure any ninjas around will mostly likely be able to outsmart a 4 year old's traps, but we'll do our best :)

Anyway, the other day while I was doing my usual pinteresting (yep, I just verbed it.  And I also verbed verb.  Just go with it :)), I came across these adorable pipe cleaner ninjas and knew that William would go crazy for them!  I originally planned to save this project for our 11 hour flight from LA to Tokyo (YIKES, I know.  Definitely not looking forward to that!), but Will spotted the post on my computer and could not get it out of his mind.  So, I gave in and told him that we could make two now and we'll make more on the flight later.  Lucky Will.  So, today we gathered our supplies and created a couple stealth ninjas of our own.  And they turned out so cute I can hardly stand it!  I can hardly wait to make all sorts of fun little guys out of pipe cleaners, straws, and beads with Will and Clara.  Maybe it'll even keep them entertained for a few minutes of our LOOOOOONG flight!  Hopefully anyway :)

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