Friday, April 25, 2014

Kickin' it in SA: Hiking and Geocaching in Government Canyon

Today we went hiking in Government Canyon, and the entire time we were there, I just kept wondering why it has taken us so long to explore such a beautiful place that is literally only minutes from our home!  Since we had our kids in tow, we decided to hike the Savannah Loop, which is a really easy 2.5 mile loop.  We had Clara in our hiking backpack, but not because it was too difficult, just because we knew she wouldn't last if she had to walk 2.5 miles on her own!  And, we pushed Bennett in our BOB jogging stroller and it worked great!  I definitely recommend this hike to anyone with young kids or if you're just looking for a nice, flat trail to go walking/trail running.  It's really pretty, and a lot of it is shaded by all of the trees which was really nice.  But, if you're in the mood for a tougher hike, Government Canyon has plenty to choose from.  They also have campsites, of which we are hoping to take advantage before we move in a couple of months!

While I was initially looking online at the Government Canyon website, I clicked on the Activities link at the top of the page and I noticed a link to Geocaching.  This term was knew to me, so I clicked on it find out what it was all about.  And I'm glad I did!  Many of you probably already know what geocaching is, but for those of you who are like me and had no idea, it's where people leave small items in nature for others to find.  Usually, once you find the box with the hidden treasures inside, you sign your name, take a little treasure, leave something in return, and then put the box back where you found it.  There are apps and maps to use to find geocaches all over the world.  We downloaded the app Geocaching Intro onto our iPhones, which was super easy to use and it led us to two different geocaches near our trail!

Here's a picture of where William found the hidden geocache.  Inside we found a little notebook and pen (where we signed our names) and some stickers and other little toys.  

Will and Clara decided that they wanted to keep the small, plastic watering can toy, so we took that and left a little blue, plastic, ninja figurine.  We hope that whoever visits that geocache next likes what we left!  After we made the switch, Will went and put the can back where we had found it.  It was all very exciting for William; I think that he's going to be wanting to go geocaching a lot more in the future :)

It ended up being a really fun morning, complete with a little exercise, quality family time, geocaching success, and even some tree-climbing!

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