Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surgeon's Cap Sewing Project

A few months ago, my husband was in the OR rotation of his pediatric dentistry residency, and he came home asking me if I could make him a simple surgeon's cap so that he wouldn't have to wear the boring, disposable caps that the hospital supplies.  So . . . we did the obvious and went to a local army surplus store to buy an old BDU (aka military fatigues) jacket that we could cut up for the fabric!  Okay, okay.  Not such an obvious step here, but we figured the sturdier fabric would help the cap keep a good shape, and we had a feeling there wouldn't be as many cool fabric options for him at our local Joann's.  Anyway . . . we got our fabric and then began looking for patterns to make his cap.

The pattern we finally decided upon (it also would have been easy to deconstruct a disposable cap and use its pieces as pattern pieces, but we didn't have one at the time) is this one from The only change I made to the pattern was that I made the band that goes around his head 3 1/2 inches wide rather than 4 1/2 inches, just because it was too wide and hanging down to his eyes and over his ears.  So, if you're using this pattern, just fit the cap to your head before you sew your binding on at the end.  Otherwise, the pattern turned out great!

And about these pictures . . . Peter wasn't too thrilled about being my model so I made him put it on while he was making a dessert with Will tonight.  I did get him to smile for one though!  Then I put it on and then I figured I'd just make the teddy bear be the model because it was a lot easier :)

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