Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marshmallow Snowmen

This simple craft is nothing new, but it's fun!  And easy!  And quick!  And simple!  Did I mention that already???  I like simple kids crafts that we can whip out quickly and that my kids will enjoy making and playing with.  And the easy thing about this craft is that you most likely already have the supplies in your pantry!  Plus, it's an extra special treat for your kids to be able to sneak bites of the supplies as you go :)

All you need are marshmallows (we happened to have a bag of the super jumbo ones on hand), 4 toothpicks, chocolate chips for the eyes, and either candy corn or slivers of carrots for the nose.

To make your own snowman, simply stack two marshmallows on top of each other and stick a toothpick through them so they're connected.  Then, place another marshmallow on top of the two, connecting it to the others with another toothpick.  Once that's done, stick your remaining two toothpicks in the sides for the arms, and wedge your chocolate chips and candy corn into the face (you may need to pinch a little mallow out to make holes for the eyes and nose to fit nicely)!  And you're done--and now you've got a cute little marshmallow snowman or two or three, and a happy kid!

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