Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Time Happenings

With December flying by, I feel like I just haven't had a chance to document what we've been up to . . . but trust me, we've been doing a lot!!! So here's a quick recap of our Christmas time happenings:

I've been doing lots of sewing! I tried to get our Christmas advent calendar done right at the beginning of the month. I was going for kind of an old-school look, and I wanted to Will to be apart of the process, so I let him choose some of the fabric for the pockets (ahem, goofy-looking reindeer wouldn't have been my first option, but he loved it, so we went with it!). And to make it easier for myself, I just bought stick on felt, pre-cut letters and numbers from Hobby Lobby. It's been fun for the kids to look for little treasures each day this month, although many of the pockets were prematurely emptied by a mischievous little 20 month old . . . :)

I also whipped up a little Bimaa top for Clara, which I absolutely LOVE!!!! That cowl neck just kills me. I'll definitely be making a few more :)

Please ignore the candy-filled mouth and runny nose!

I've also been working on some spiderman Christmas jammies for Will, a little buckle-purse for Clara (that Santa will deliver on Christmas morning), a couple of fleece scarves for both kids, and another Christmasy top for Clara! I'll be sure to share those projects after Christmas :)

Putting up our tree! When we went to pick it up, Will immediately decided on a particular tree and really wanted it to be "the one". So, we went with it, and it turned out to be the perfect little tree! He has an eye for Christmas tree hunting I guess :)

Here Will and Clara are admiring their tree-trimming work. 

We've been doing lots of Christmas cookie-making! In this first two photos, Will and Peter are working on Peter's mom's candy cane cookies that they make every year. And in the next two, Will's whipping up some good ol' sugar cookies (with some help ;)).

Visiting Santa. We've actually visited four Santas this season! First at the mall with a fun playgroup, then at Bass Pro Shop (their pictures are free!), at the zoo, and then at our Church Christmas party! It's been quite funny to see the kids' progression with becoming more comfortable with Santa Claus. At the mall, Clara was screaming bloody murder and I could hardly calm her down, and Will wouldn't sit on Santa's lap; he was content just to stand close enough for him to hear what he was hoping to get for Christmas :) But, then here, by our Church's Christmas party, both kids happily sat on Santa's knee! Success!

And, when we haven't been out shopping, sending Christmas cards, and wrapping presents, we've managed to see the lights and enjoy the festivities at the San Antonio Zoo and Sea World!

We hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season as well! On Saturday we're off to continue the celebrations of the season with Peter's family in Utah (brrrr)! If I get a chance, I'll try and post a couple more projects before we leave, but if not, Happy Holidays and I'll see you in the new year!!

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