Friday, September 13, 2013


Yep. I am officially Bumpin' around here. Aka pregnant, preggo, preggers, or with child. And because we are now excitedly expecting our third (!) baby, we'll be starting a new series on the blog: Bumpin'! Here we'll talk about baby names, maternity clothes, baby must-haves, delivery, and anything else baby! And to start you off, here's the picture my husband instagrammed to relay the news to our friends and family that we're expecting:

Modeled after the picture below.  I thought it was pretty clever :)

How did you announce to your friends/family that you were expecting??? (Here and here are a couple of my favorite announcements that I found while searching Pinterest.)

Yay for babies!!! Come back to visit and talk babies with us real soon!

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  1. That baby eviction notice is hilarious! You guys were very clever too.