Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flubber Time

This little project is nothing new, but for my kids it was just as exciting as each time before that we've made it! And, actually, this was a brand new experience for Clara!

To make our flubber, I used this simple recipe. It does leave quite a bit of extra water, so once your flubber is pretty well formed (it will still feel wet), remove it from the water and dump that extra water out. Then, continue to mold and manipulate with your hands and it will continue to dry and become more solid. (This time around we used the opaque glue and I forgot the food coloring, but as it turned out, we liked the white! Next time we'll make it green though per Will's request :))

Clara wasn't too sure what to think at first . . . 

But she quickly warmed up to her little pile of flubber and had a lot of fun :)

The last time we made this was about 6 months ago or more, and Will didn't last more than 10 minutes playing with it. This time around (maybe because he's older now?), he played with it for almost an hour! And then the next day he asked to play with it again and played for another half hour! I might even pull it out today and see if I can squeeze (or squish?) a little more time out of it! This project is definitely worth the 5 minutes it takes to make for that kind of response!

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  1. Weston wants to make some now after seeing Will with his!